What are Widgets?


Widgets in Custom Fields include the most popular theme elements preconfigured and ready to use in a few clicks. Use them as-is or customize them as much as you like. 

Cut Out Hours of Coding and Head Scratching

No coding required! Follow our set up wizard to get going in just a few minutes. Just follow the prompts in the app to...

  1. Choose a widget
  2. Add some content
  3. Place it in your theme

Arrange Widgets using the Shopify Theme Editor or Content Area

Widgets can be placed in your theme using the Theme Editor or displayed in the content area, or a combination of both. Content is still entered and maintained in the app. Under the hood, data is still stored in Metafields.

Fully Customizable

When displayed, Widgets include all templates, CSS, javascript and images needed. Change anything you like to get the perfect look.  

Unlimited Widgets

Merchants on Pro plan or above can create an unlimited number of Widgets.