Blog Post References Widget


This article covers specific setup and content entry for the Blog Post References Widget. If you've never set up a Widget, check the Setup Guides Section for a step by step guide for getting started.

The Blog Post References Widget allows you to reference one or more blog posts that will be displayed on the front end of your store. The title and image of the blog post will be used in the Widget.

Widgets in Custom Fields do not require custom development. They come with all fields configured, as well as basic styling including CSS, Javascript and all metafield code needed. Widgets are also easily customized to suit your theme style or content entry requirements.   

The image below shows an un-styled version of an Blog Post Reference Widget.

Content Entry Form

While entering content, you can reference the blog post, override the post's title and add a description using the default widget setup.

By default, the Widget's content entry form will include the following:

  • Blog Post
    • The blog post to reference. 
  • Override Title
    • If used, this field will replace the blog post title in the reference.
  • Optional Description
    • If used, this field will add text below the title in the reference. 

Theme Settings

Many customization options are built into Shopify's theme editor for this widget. In addition to basic design settings that apply to all widgets, such as margins, fonts, line heights, and more, this widget also includes Blog Post References options:

  • Grid Size
    • How many blog posts to display horizontally. This setting assumes the visitor's device is large enough to display the items horizontally, such as a desktop display. Has no impact on smaller screens like phones.
  • Custom link text to view the blog post
    • Optionally add a link at the bottom of the reference. For example, a "Read More" link.


To edit configuration for this Widget, head into the Configure section in the sidebar under your item type, for example, under Products, choose Configure. Hover on the Widget to see options. 

Adding New Fields

From the Configure screen, select the plus to add more fields to this widget. 


Select the code symbol to edit the basic HTML and liquid code for this widget.

HTML and liquid in our templates may be edited in the app or directly in your theme. 

CSS can only be edited in your theme. The code page links to the correct theme file to edit the CSS. 

Customizing Content Entry Fields

Some fields may have additional configuration options. For example, you might want to add some help text for your administrator on a particular field.