Exporting Product Data


Filter Options

Inside Export Filters you can filter fields to export by Title, Vendor, Type, Collection, and the last time it was updated.


Inside Required Export Columns you can view the Columns that will be in the Exported file by default.


Include Additional Columns holds the ID, Body, Vendor, Type, Tags, and Publish Date.


Exporting SKUs & Product Variants

Heads Up! Exports that include these options will run slower.

SKUs are attached to Product Variants in Shopify. To export SKUS, select "Include Product Variants (slower / required for SKU)" under "Additional Settings"

Product Variants
Product Variants may have data associated with each variant. For performance reasons, this data is not fetched and included by default. The option "Include Product Variants (slower / required for SKU)"  under "Additional Settings" is required.

Exporting Metafield Data From Other Apps

Heads Up! Exports that include these options will run slower.

Select "Export all metafield values" under "Additional Settings" to export metafield data not entered into the custom_fields namespace. 

Missing Columns & Missing Products

By default, exports will only include products that have field data associated with them. A new product without metafield will not appear in an export. We recommend entering product data for at least one product in order to get a complete export with all columns. 

If a field has no data across the entire export, the column will be omitted from the export. To resolve this, select the option "Include products that do not have custom fields" under "Additional Settings".

Shopify Exports vs. Custom Fields Exports

Exports from both systems are very similar in their structure with one key difference. 

Shopify merges the data from the first variant into the product's row in the export file. Custom Fields keeps these separate. This difference allows you to export and import data stored at the variant level and data stored on the product itself. 

Need Better Exports?

Check out our sister app, InstaSheets, to create custom exports that include Custom Fields data. InstaSheets can also create a dynamic file that is always up to date with Custom Fields data included. InstaSheets can listen for updates to your data and keep it current so you never have to wait for another export again.