Slow Imports or Exports

Shopify Limits

All apps are limited by Shopify to 2 changes or requests per second (4 per second for Plus stores). Each field value you want to import is one change. Each field value you want to export is a request. Products with many variants will compound the problem, as each variant is another data set with its own fields.

Our app is optimized to be as efficient as possible, but we cannot speed the process up any faster than Shopify’s limits allow. It's frustrating to us too, but we have no control over Shopify's rules and limits. You can read more about this at

Faster Exports

To speed up exports, use the export filters to limit the amount of data you're exporting. Exports will run much faster if you're only asking for a limited set of data. You may also wish to limit your exports to only rows that include Custom Field data, i.e., a field you created in the app must have a value in order for the product or other object to be included in the export file.

Faster Imports

To speed up imports, only import data that needs updating, rather than importing every value in your store. For example, you might start with an export file that includes every field. Remove all field columns in your file that doesn't need to be updated. 

Remember, the app will not delete data unless the field specifically has the word "DELETE" in it. 

Need Better Exports?

Check out our sister app, InstaSheets, to create custom exports that include Custom Fields data. InstaSheets can also create a dynamic file that is always up to date with Custom Fields data included. InstaSheets can listen for updates to your data and keep it current so you never have to wait for another export again.