Exporting Order Data

Filter Options

Export filters for Orders include Updated After, Created After & Processed After.


Missing Columns & Missing Orders

By default, exports will only include orders that have field data associated with them. A new order without metafield will not appear in an export. We recommend entering order data for at least one order in to get a complete export with all columns. 

If a field has no data across the entire export, the column will be omitted from the export. To resolve this, select the option  "Include orders that do not have custom fields" under "Additional Settings".

Data Included Exports

Heads Up!
The app cannot export product-level data for an order. Fields you create on products cannot be included when exporting orders. Check out our InstaSheets app to do this.

Data exported includes the order number, ID, email address for the order, the date the order was paid, the financial status of the order, and field data.


Need Better Exports?

Check out our sister app, InstaSheets, to create custom exports that include Custom Fields data. InstaSheets can also create a dynamic file that is always up to date with Custom Fields data included.