Repeater Fields


Any field in Custom Fields can be set as a repeater field during field creation. This functionality allows site administrators to collect and save a varying amount of data during data entry. 

For developers and designers, the underlying data will be stored in JSON metafields, which allows for a simplified coding experience and easier code maintenance. 


When creating a field, simply select the box "Make this field repeatable". No other steps are required. 

Repeaters can also be nested inside of Field Collections to allow for complex data structures.

Content Entry Form

The content entry form will vary depending on the field type. The form below shows content entry for a repeating file type. 

Note that all repeater fields can be sorted using the reorder link in the top right. Additional items can be added by clicking the + Item button

Custom Coding

Our templating engine can generate the code needed for basic usage as a convenience. The code is a starting point and is completely customizable.