Link Field


The Link field accepts a plain text URL, a link label, and optionally, extra CSS classes and has a checkbox to open the link in a new window. The Link field is most useful when referencing pages on other websites. 

Data will be stored as a complete link (href) with the URL wrapped in the link label, with any CSS classes applied and a target attribute set to _blank if the new window option is used.

To create a raw URL, consider using the URL field instead.

For internal links, consider using a Reference Field instead, such as a Product Reference, Page Reference, etc.

Heads Up!

This is an advanced field type only available in Custom Fields. Data will be stored in a String metafield as a complete link.

Content Entry Settings

If selected, "Require Title" will force the user to enter a title. If the setting is not applied, and the field is left blank during content entry, the app will simply fill the field with the URL. 

If selected, "Customize CSS Classes" will enable the CSS Classes field on the content entry form.

Content Entry Form


This field may be set to repeatable during field creation to collect more than one Link at a time.