Date Field (Legacy Version)


The Date field collects dates and (optionally) times. The Date field includes a date picker and formatted time entry field.

Data entered into the Date field is stored as a Unix timestamp to provide the most versatility in display. Liquid filters can be applied wherever the field is used to format the output to precisely match your display needs. 

Heads Up!

This is a legacy field type. This field type should only be used inside Field Collections or Widgets or in existing projects that already use this field type. 

See also: Date, Date & Time

Field Settings Form

Optionally, the field can be set to collect the time as well as a date.

Content Entry Form

The form includes a date picker. Alternatively, the date can be manually entered.

Optionally, if the form is set to collect a time, a time picker is also included. Alternatively, the time may be manually entered.

Custom Date Formats

If used, the Display system will generate a template that will format the Unix timestamp saved the metafield into a more recognizable format using Shopify's date filter. 

Example of default date & time formatting

{{ product.metafields.custom_fields["demo_date"] | date: "%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p" }}

More information on formatting dates can be found in Shopify's date documentation.