File Field


The file upload Custom Field is useful for linking to files that need to be managed in bulk. You can store files like PDF, text files, etc.

Tip: See also, Basic Field Settings.

Default Display

Finished_Product.pngField Creation Form


Tip: Allowed File Types allows users to choose which types of files the field will accept. You can input more than one by separating them with commas. To allow all file types just leave this field blank.

Data Storage Options

On this page, you have the option of displaying a File as a "Link to File" or "File URL Only". This controls how the data is stored in the metafield. Having Link to File selected uploads the image to a CDN and stores it in an <a> tag on your product. Having File URL Only selected still uploads the file to the CDN but only returns the URL path to the file. Keep in mind that you cannot change this after you click Save New Field. 

Display File As: Link to File


Display File As: File URL Only


Amazon S3 Settings

When you link your Amazon S3 bucket to your Custom Fields store, you will see the ability to Save files to your Amazon S3 bucket when creating a new Custom File or Image field. This essentially does the same thing, except now you won't have a file size limit and you don't have to use Custom Field's CDN.


Content Entry Form

Display as - Link to File


Tip: Leaving the "File display name section" blank will replace of the actual file with whatever is inputted in here.

Display as - File URL only


Default Liquid Code

The Edit Code section allows a user to edit how a field prints or functions. The default code for this type of field is found below. 


For more information about code customization and the code editor itself, visit our Guide to the Snippet Editor.

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