File Field (Legacy Version)


The File Field is a flexible field for file storage with several configuration options.

Note, images may also be stored in Image Fields. One of the advantages to using Image Fields is the display of the image as a preview, as well as data storage options and the ability to store alternative text with the image. See Related Articles below for more details.

Heads Up!

This is a legacy field type. This field type should only be used inside Field Collections or Widgets.

Field Creation Form

During the creation of the field, two options must be set that cannot be changed later.

The first option that can't be changed later is how the data is stored. The options here control what raw data is stored directly in the Metafield in Shopify. The options are to store the data as an HTML link tag, or to simply store the path to the file. The path to the file is generally more flexible, but storing a complete image tag enables the alternative text field. It's not possible to store alternative text when using the "File URL Only" option. 

The second option that can't be changed later is the Repeat option. This option changes the underlying field in Shopify to store the data in JSON rather than in simple text.

Content Entry Form

The screenshot below shows the form when the File URL Only storage option is used.

The screenshot below shows the form when the Link to File storage option is used. Note this option includes a field to set the File display name.


As mentioned above, this field can be set to repeatable, but the option must be selected during field creation.

File Storage 

Files are usually stored in a separate theme in your Shopify store with the name "Custom Fields Assets". The app saves files there so that stores can safely change themes without losing Custom Fields files. Some stores may choose to save files in an Amazon S3 bucket through the app, in which case the asset theme would not be used.