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If you simply uninstall this app from your store by removing it from your Shopify apps list, you may be confused with the result and still see field values in your store. This is because of how your data is stored. See Data Security & Data Storage for specific information on that topic.

Using the Automatic Uninstaller

Hover over Settings on the left sidebar, click on Settings and you will be brought to the Custom Fields Settings Page where you can Edit Your Plan, Uninstall the app, Edit Amazon Settings or even Sync your settings with another store!


Open the Uninstall App Drop-down and confirm with the check-box that you would like all of your Custom Fields templates removed from your store. Clicking uninstall will then remove all of those items and prompt you with the link to Delete the app in the Shopify App Interface.

Manual Uninstallation

In case the Automatic Uninstaller didn't work, or if you already deleted the app this short guide will show you all the places where you should remove Custom Fields code in your Shopify Theme!

Removing Templates

When Custom Fields is installed, it creates a few Snippets and Templates for each field type, just simply go through the Snippets Section of your Shopify Theme and get rid of any items with custom_fields in it.


Without this integral code, the default Snippets won't show on your storefront. However, if you want to completely uninstall Custom Fields, go through the Snippets and look for anything like  custom_fields.product.detail.liquid etc. None of this step is required, but it will keep your theme clean.

Removing Include Statements

If you installed Custom Fields for products, your products.liquid template will have added {% include 'products.custom_fields' %} under {{ products.description }} just delete it and any other manual include statements you have printed there and save the template.


The same goes for any of the other templates as well. Anywhere else you may have Custom Fields or Custom Fields include statements need to be checked and cleaned. This includes your collection template, your customer templates, your pages template, etc. The screenshot below details it for collections.


Undoing Custom Theme Code

Be sure to delete any Custom Fields code throughout any of your templates. The code will not display correctly if Custom Fields is not installed properly.


Deleting Stored Data

It's not necessary to delete stored data because if it isn't printing anywhere in your code then it isn't actually affecting anything, but if you really want to get rid of it that badly, the easiest way to do so is by accessing the Bulk editor in Shopify. The best way to get there is through the Custom Fields app. You would only need to launch the app, clicking on Search > Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then Open Bulk Edit on Shopify drop-down.

How to Remove the Custom Fields Editor In Shopify

If you're seeing the Custom Fields editor when editing products in your Shopify store and you'd like it removed, simply uninstall the Chrome browser plugin.