Data Security & Data Storage

Field Values

Your field data is permanently stored in Shopify. Custom Fields does not permanently store your data. This makes your data accessible to you throughout the Shopify ecosystem. This app only handles the data "in transit".

When you see your data displayed in Custom Fields or in our Chrome extension, it was pulled in real-time from Shopify and added to the screen dynamically.

Specifically, the data is stored in Metafields and is available via Shopify's APIs. 

Field Configurations

Your field configurations are stored in the app's database. 

Field configurations are just your settings for the field, like if it's an HTML field and what you called it. The app uses these definitions to create the forms you use in the app, like the dropdowns or WYSIWYG fields. We also store any code you entered into the app in our database.

Imports & Exports

If you use our export tool, we collect the information you've requested by asking Shopify to provide it back to us via the Metafields API in near real-time. The information we get back is temporarily cached to build the file. We then store that export file on our host to make it available to you for download. If you have questions regarding our host's privacy policies, please visit and also

If you use our import tool, we store the file you provided to us temporarily, in order to process your request. These files are deleted from our systems daily.

Field Deletion

If you delete a field configuration within the app, your field data will remain intact. Since that data is stored in Shopify and bound by their API limitations, it is impossible to delete the data at the time a field configuration is deleted. 

If you need to delete the data itself, please use our bulk editing tools first, then delete the field. Alternatively, you could simply abandon the use of that field.

Images & Files

Images and files added through this app are stored in 3 possible ways:

1. Our legacy file system stored and served files from our Amazon S3 bucket specific to this app. Most customers have been migrated away from this system.

2. Our current file storage mechanism places files into a special theme in Shopify that identifies itself as our asset theme. This comes with the benefit of full access to your files at any time, and makes all of Shopify's image filters available for developers. The theme is clearly labeled. DO NOT DELETE this theme unless you've uninstalled the app.

3. Merchants have the ability to set up their own Amazon S3 account and use their own Cloudfront CDN if desired. Refer to the Related Article below for setup.

GDPR Compliance

Our app is GDPR Compliant. You can learn more by reviewing our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy