Common Billing Questions

How does billing work with Shopify Plus stores? 

Each live store under your Shopify Plus subscription needs a separate subscription to Custom Fields. We do not offer discounts for multiple stores at this time.

The app can be used for free forever on your Plus store's development or QA environments. One paying store is required in order to be granted any free development stores.  Please note, this only applies to Shopify Plus customers.  

Please install the app on any development or test stores you'd like to use it on. Select the version/plan you want to use. Accept the charges. Submit a ticket with the myshopify URLs to your paying store and any dev or test stores. We will remove the ongoing charges. 

Can you extend my trial?

We do not have any systems in place to change trial periods for individual customers. Consider using a Development Store to extend your trial indefinitely. Not all apps support Development Stores but Custom Fields does.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are granted through Shopify on a case-by-case basis.  

Can you cancel my account for me?

We cannot cancel accounts for customers. Shopify does not allow us access to do this for you. Instead, you'll need to handle this yourself. For help, check out Shopify's user guide,