HTML Field (Legacy Version)


The HTML Field is a simple text field, enhanced with an HTML editor.
Note, if you plan to embed content such as videos or add an iframe, we recommend using the Embed Code field which does not include an HTML editor (see related content below).

Heads Up!

This is a legacy field type. This field type can only be used inside Field Collections or Widgets. 

See also: Multi-Line Text Field

Content Entry Form

The content entry form includes the HTML editor (sometimes called a WYSIWYG editor) with many options including bold, italic, underline, table, links, bullet lists, and more. 

Note, when displaying this information on the front-end of your store, your theme controls how the HTML is rendered on the page. Your theme may not have matching styles for all elements in the editor, or your theme may not display them in a desirable way. Minor updates to your theme's style sheet may be needed to adjust the look and feel to suit your taste and theme.

Content Entry Settings

Just like the standard text field, the HTML field also includes the ability to limit the number of characters to ensure content fits your design.


This field is repeatable. Repeating must be configured during field creation. The setting cannot be changed after the field is created (see related content below for details).