Embed Code Field


The Embed Code field is used for any situation where you want to paste in code from another website, such as a YouTube embed code or a JavaScript snippet. 

Tip: See also, Basic Field Settings.

Default Display

This is the embed code by default, the code embedded was taken from a YouTube video by Right Clicking on the video and clicking copy embed code.


Field Creation Form 


The only Field Settings available for the Embed Code Custom Field are Exclude from display, and Description. Exclude from Display just hides the field in your store for admin use or advanced coding only. For more information on this field visit our article on Hidden "Admin Only" Fields.

Content Entry Form

Paste embed code into the Custom Field Values entry form on any product or page. Click save and you will see your widget on your storefront!


Default Liquid Code

The Edit Code section allows a user to edit how a field prints or functions. The default code for this type of field is found below. 


For more information about code customization and the code editor itself, visit our Guide to the Snippet Editor.

Additional Resources & Documentation

Shopify: Liquid Template Language Documentation - Shopify's Documentation on Liquid Template Coding and usage for developers and advanced designers.

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Custom Fields: Adding Videos to Pages - Custom Fields article on embedding videos on pages within Shopify store.