Working With Orders


Fields may be added to orders. The purpose of fields on orders is to allow administrators to track extra information about an order. There are no instructions for printing fields on orders for this reason. 

Note: This app cannot create form fields for your customers to enter data into about their order during checkout.

What You Can Do with Order Fields

This feature is best used with the Chrome plugin to allow you to update all order information from within the Shopify interface. Examples of admin use for this field include order notes, order pictures (admin only), etc. 


Exporting Order Data

Custom Fields can export all order data to a spreadsheet by using the Bulk Export feature. In order to do this, just hover over the orders tab and click on Export as shown below.


From this screen, you can export Additional Columns such as Email, Paid at (specific paid time data), and Financial Status. If you don't have Custom Fields on any orders you can also use the check-box for Including orders that don't have Custom Fields.


By dropping down the Export Filters menu, you can filter certain orders. This is useful if you only want orders from last year or the last few months, etc.