Free For Development Stores

Shopify Partner Development Stores

Custom Fields is automatically free for stores that are created as " Development Stores" under a Shopify Partner account. 

When the app is installed on a development store, Shopify identifies the store to us as an "affiliate". You can use the app for free while developing this type of store. 

Choose any plan you'd like. Choosing a plan simply allows you to access the features of that plan while developing.

Charges will begin when the store launches. "Launch" means when you begin paying Shopify for your store. 

Special Consideration For Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Plus customers can use the app for free on QA and development stores, however, Shopify does not currently identify these stores programmatically. In this case, you must have one paying Shopify Plus store. 

Once you have a paying store, contact us to manually mark your QA and development stores as free.


If your situation is not listed above, we cannot support it. 

For example, if you're paying for a Shopify subscription while you develop your store, you'll need to pay for a Custom Fields subscription as well. This is because we have no means of being notified that your development store has launched so that billing can begin. Due to the volume of customers, we cannot track this information manually.