Migrating Custom Field Data From One Store To Another


If you have more than one store you may need to migrate all your Custom Fields (metafield) data out of one store and into another. For example, you might want to copy metafield data from your development or staging store to your production store. Custom Fields can handle this. 

Let's Get Started!

  1. There are two components you'll need. The data and the field configuration.
    1. Data is the values stored in metafields.
    2. Configuration is how you've set up your fields in our app. 
  2. First, let's get the Configuration.
    1. In the "source" store hover over the Settings panel at the bottom of the sidebar menu and click on Sync Field Settings. Follow the steps to clone your field settings from one store to another.
  3. Next, let's get your products into the "destination" if you haven't already.
    1. Products must exist in Shopify in the "destination" store before you can attach field data to it. Import your products or other data into Shopify using Shopify's export and import features using data from your first store. This step has nothing to do with our app.
  4. Now let's get the data out of the app.
    1. On the "source" store, use the export tool in Custom Fields to export your field data from our app. You can export both any Shopify Metafield using this tool, including data from our app and other sources. 
  5. Time to clean up the file.
    1. Once you have your export from our app, you need to edit the file a little. Remove the ID column from the export. The IDs from your first store won't be the same as the IDs in your new store,  but that's ok, the app will use handles if no ID is found. Also, remove any data from the file that you don't want to migrate. Aside from Title and Handle, remove any columns you don't recognize and/or don't want migrated, like settings for other apps.
  6. Import into the "destination" store
    1. Finally, import your edited CSV file into Custom Fields in the "destination" store.
  7. You're done!
    1. Check your field configuration and data values on the "destination" store, everything should be like the "source" store.




      If after reading this article, you still have questions or it just doesn't work be sure to check out the articles on Most Common Troubleshooting Issues and Changing the CSV Encoding