Integer (Whole Number) Field


Integer fields are ideal for displaying whole numbers inside a defined minimum and maximum range on your Shopify Pages. 

Tip: See also, Basic Field Settings

Default Display


Field Creation Form

Permutations to the integer field are the two options below, Minimum Value & Maximum Value. These dictate a range of integers you can enter into the field on the admin panel.


Content Entry Form

The Integer Custom Field will only save if the user enters an integer or a whole number, it will not save the field if the content entered is in decimal format, or text. Use the Number Custom Field instead.


Default Liquid Code

The Edit Code section allows a user to edit how a field prints or functions. The default code for this type of field is found below. 


For more information about code customization and the code editor itself, visit our Guide to the Snippet Editor.

Additional Resources & Information

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Custom Fields: Liquid Template Fields - This article goes more in-depth on the Edit Code section and also uses the integer field.