Text List Field (Legacy Version)


The Text List field accepts one or more short text strings from a set of options defined by the administrator. The Text List field is most useful when consistent data entry based on a limited number of choices is important.

Data will be stored as a line of text or as multiple text instances separated by a pipe character |.

Refer to our example template code in the app to see how to loop over the options and print them. Our example template will loop over all the selected options in the list and print each one in an unordered list. This is a useful starting point for code customizations.

To create a list of number options instead of number options, consider using a Number List field instead.

Heads Up!

This is a legacy field type. This field type can only be used inside Field Collections or Widgets or in existing projects that already use this field type. 

See also: Single Line Text Field

Content Entry Settings

The Text List field offers several options for content entry depending on your needs. 

Content entry options include:

  • Select Dropdown, to collect a single data point
  • Multiple Select List, to collect one or more data point. While this option is standard in all browsers, the usability is not ideal.
  • Checkboxes, to allow one or more data point to be selected by clicking on checkboxes (usually preferred over select lists).
  • Radio Buttons, to collect a single data point. Note that the N/A option is short for Not Applicable, which is the same as setting the field to blank or null.

Option settings

Enter any amount of options on the settings form, one per line.

Content Entry Form

The content entry form differs based on the content entry options selected.

Content entry with  Select dropdown

Content Entry with Multiple Select List

Content Entry with Checkboxes

Content Entry with Radio Buttons

Not Repeatable

This field may not be set to repeatable.