Liquid Template Field


The Liquid Template field is a field that does not collect any data during content entry. Instead, the field acts as a container for customizations. This is useful for combining multiple fields together in custom code. For example, Widgets are made up of several fields combined into one template for display.

While the Liquid Template field is not present during data entry, it does appear within the Display system and can be displayed like any other field in any Layout Area.

Content Entry Settings

This field does not have any Content Entry Settings.

Coding Using the Liquid Template Field

Initially, the template does not exist and will need to be created in the theme of your choosing.

Generate the template in the theme of your choice by clicking on More Actions, then Create Default Template.

The code editor will now appear and you can write any custom code you'd like. 

Note that you can also edit code directly in the Shopify Theme Editor or locally using ThemeKit. Anywhere you find this template, you can edit it.

Check the Theme Info area for specifics on how to call the template manually.

Using a Liquid Template with Layout Areas

In these areas, the field will appear like any other field.