Liquid Template Field

Liquid Template Field Type

The Liquid Template field is a container for customizations. This is useful for combining multiple fields together. For example, you might want to make a slideshow template field that combines several fields together.

To avoid confusion, it does not get shown on forms to admins when editing field values. You can, however, adjust the order of where it prints in your template.

Field Settings for this Field Type

For the basic configuration of any field type, visit the Basic Field Settings article.

Learn By Example

For this example, we will combine three different fields into one Liquid Template field. For our example fields, we created number integer fields called Width, Length, and Height. We'll hide these fields at first and print them in our template in a custom way. 


We also created one integer field for Height and another for Length. Now that we have all our integer fields set up, we will create our Liquid Template field for our custom code. 


After clicking Create New Liquid Template Field, you will be brought to the Edit Custom Fields Settings page. By default, this field doesn't have any value, just a comment explaining what it is. So we need to write our code from scratch!


Go ahead and delete the comment and start writing basic code for your products.

In the screenshot below we are printing the values of our fields in basic l*w*h format, but only if all three have a value in them. We do this by using if statements, and combining conditions together with "and". If the fields do not have value, nothing will print in this example.


Click Update Settings and your field will be displayed in your store whenever all three fields have a value! In order to assign values, Click on Search then Edit Custom Fields on the item you want it to appear on. Next, edit the value of each field and click Save.