Admin Field Grouping


In this basic guide, we'll show you how to use Field Groupings to group fields together for your administrators.

Field Groups are handy when you want to keep some fields bound together, for example, you may want to use fields to create a custom page section and want all the fields for that section together so you don't get confused while filling them in.

It is important to note, that Field Groups are not shown to your website visitors. They are only designed for visual back-end organization of the fields. 

Getting Started

1.) Create the custom fields you want to be in the Field Group.


2.) Create the Field Grouping.

You may create it either by pressing the + Create Field Grouping button in the Configure Fields section or through +Add Field on the Custom Fields sidebar and choosing Admin Field Group options in the Field Type section.


3.) Name and save your Field Grouping.

You may also put some description, however, keep in mind that the description would be seen only on the back-end. Additionally, you can show the grouping in the interface as open or closed by default. This helps keep the interface clean if you have groups with many fields.


4.) Put the Custom Fields into the group and save the changes.

To put the fields under the group you have to simply drag the field handles to the right as shown in the screenshot below. 


You may also change the order of the fields inside the grouping and change the order of the Custom Fields in general

That's it!

Once the changes in the grouping are saved, they will appear in the interface in the order that you set them in.