Field Collection


The Field Collection field type acts as a container for multiple fields or groups of fields. 

Updates & New Features of Field Collections

The original version of Field Collections was created several years ago, before Shopify created the JSON field type. The original version was innovative and other similar apps copied out approach. Now that JSON fields are available, Custom Fields has taken advantage of the added flexibility.

Field collections now include the following:

  • Field Collections can be nested in Field Collections
  • Repeater fields can now be included in Field Collections
  • "Edit mode" options for content entry forms.
  • Field Collections now use Shopify's JSON metafield, rather than a combination of text fields.

Field Creation

See "Content Entry Settings" below for details about Field Settings. 

Content Entry Settings

  • Max Number of Items
    • Defaults to Unlimited, this setting limits the number of items that can be created.
  • Edit Mode
    • Compact
      • All items and fields are collapsed.
    • Normal
      • Item titles are shown but fields are collapsed.
    • Expanded
      • All fields in all items are completely expanded.
  • Use the following field's value as the group label for your field collection items
    • Select from an existing field to use the values for the labels. For example, if a group was for Person, the person's name would be a useful replacement value.
  • Individual items in the field collection should be called...
    • For example, a "Slideshow" field collection would have items called "Slide". A "People" field collection would have items called "Person".

Additional Resources & Documentation

Shopify: Liquid Template Language Documentation