Hidden "Admin Only" Fields

You can use Custom Fields to create fields that only store data for administrative uses, that aren't shown to customers.

Key Concepts

The only way data is printed on the front-end of your store is if your theme deliberately printing the metafield that that stores that data. There are two ways for that to happen. Normally, this is done by adding each print statement to your theme manually. With Custom Fields, you can use our basic theme installer that uses our template system that aggregates all your fields and prints them for you. This tutorial is specific to our templating system. For themes that print the data manually, you'll need to remove that statement from your theme in the same way that it got there, manually.  

Exclude From Display Setting

Let's say you have a field in the app called UPC that will store data that is used within your company, but your customers don't need to see it. Create the field as usual, and select the check-box that says Exclude From Display. Your field will no longer show to your store's visitors. 


How Can Admins Edit These Fields?

  1. Use the Chrome Extension and your admins can edit the fields right in Shopify.
  2. You can have them come to the app and look up the product or other object you want them to edit. There are contextual links on products and other objects in Shopify that bring the admin right to the object they want to edit.