Major App Update

Coming in Early July 2022

Shopify has made many new metafield types available to apps, along with many other changes that impact metafields. Our Custom Fields app will be launching support for these new features in the coming weeks. 

New Field Types
All 18 new Metafield Types have been added to Custom Fields

  • Single Line Text
  • Multi-Line Text
  • Date
  • Date & Time
  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Product Reference
  • Page Reference
  • Variant Reference
  • File Reference
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Dimension
  • JSON
  • Rating
  • True or False
  • URL
  • Color

Old Field Types
Any field already configured in the system at the time of launch will continue to function as they always have. 

Old field types have been deprecated or separated where possible, in favor of the new field types. Field Collections and Widgets will still rely on the old field types for this release. We expect Shopify to make the new types available for use in arrays of fields in the future. Until then, it's not technically possible to use the new field types in Field Collections or Widgets.

Zero Setup for Editing Existing Metafields
Fields without a Field Configuration in the app no longer require manually setting up each field. If there is additional metafield data available for an item being edited, the data will appear in a new tab called "Other Metafields". This system replaces the "Pre-existing Metafield Wizard".

Reorganized "Add Field" Page & Widgets Moved
The Add Field page has been reorganized to put the new field types front and center. Some existing field types have been deprecated or removed in favor of the new types. The field creation form for creating Widgets has moved to a tab at the top of the Create Field page. 

Variant Field Configuration
Variant fields will be completely separated from Product field configuration. At launch, we'll migrate the old setup that shared Product fields to the new setup that separates them. The change will not result in any difference when editing content, however the setup for new Variant field configurations will now be slightly different. 

Definition Support
Custom Fields will support Shopify's Metafield Definitions. Any metafield defined in Shopify will be automatically imported into Custom Fields and updated if they change in Shopify. If you'd prefer to hide imported fields, you will be able to do so using a new field configuration option.

Bulk Edit Updates
All the new field types will be available in the Bulk Editor. We've also added better keyboard navigation and hotkeys. Navigation mode allows moving around the cells using the arrow keys. Edit mode allows moving through cells using tab and shift-tab. The changes make Bulk Editing more intuitive and more efficent.

Better Field Templates
All the new field types also ship with new templates in the app that use improved liquid rendering code. Existing templates in your store will not change with the update. 

Better File Support
The new File Reference field utilizes the Files section in your Shopify store. You can now select and reuse existing files using a file browser. Files using this new field will not store the files in a separate theme. Widgets and Field Collections that have a File field will still require the Custom Fields Asset Storage theme and will not change for this release.

File Migration
The data import feature can migrate files from the old theme storage system into the new Files storage system easily. Simply export the file paths and import into a new File Reference field to migrate the data.

Updates to Import & Export for Field Types
Exports will now include additional syntax to identify the metafield type to be used. This allows the system to properly process any data it encounters without any additional setup steps in the app. Fields that are already configured in the app will not require any changes to import files to keep them working as expected. The update only applies to the new field types.

Export Filter Changes
Exports now include an option to filter your exported metafields by namespaces. This change takes advantage of an optimization available in the Shopify API to speed up exports. Exporting a single namespace such as custom_fields will improve export times. Multiple namespaces are supported and will make your export files cleaner by limiting the data in the file, but will not improve performance. Some (admittedly confusing) export filters have been removed and will no longer appear under "Additional Settings".

Plan Changes
The free plan is ending for new customers. Existing customers on the free plan will not be required to upgrade to a paid plan. Our Development Store policy remains unchanged.