Color Field


Color Field collects color codes a hex codes in the format #abc123. 

Content Entry Form

Basic content entry is a simple text box.

"Show Palette" shows a limited set of predetermined color options.

"Show color picker" allows any color to be selected from a visual color wheel.

Both the palette and color picker can be presented at the same time.

Content Entry Settings & Validation Options

In addition to content entry settings shared by all field types, the Color Field includes the ability to choose the best option for selecting colors based on your needs.

  • Show palette
    • Limits content entry options to a preset list of colors. Color is chosen visually (see above). Note, colors may be entered as plain english colors such as red or blue or can be entered as a hex code such as #6ad36a.
  • Show color picker
    • Colors are chosen from a color wheel with unlimited options. Hex codes may also be entered manually in this mode.