Updating the Google Chrome Extension

If there's an issue with the Chrome Extension, typically caused by changes Shopify makes to the admin interface, we will push out an update within 1 to 2 business days.

Extension updates can take a few days to automatically update in Google Chrome. To try forcing an update, complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Extension page

Open the Chrome menu and go to "More Tools > Extensions".
If you are in Chrome, you can also copy & paste this URL into the address bar:

2. Search for "Custom Fields"

Find the extension and check to see if the version is the latest one. Our support team will let you know what the latest version is.

3. Update the extension

To update the extension you will need to enable "Developer mode". You can then click "Details" in the extension and click "Update".

4. Verify

You should see the version number for the "Shopify Custom Fields" extension update to the latest version.

If the version number doesn't change then the latest version hasn't been released in your region yet. You can try again in a few hours. It can take a few days for Chrome Extension updates to propagate across all regions when a new version is released.