Collecting Data from Customers

What the app does

Custom Fields is a data storage and data display application. It allows administrators to set up structured data fields that store additional information. 

Examples of things you can do with Custom Fields

You have a PDF file that you want to attach to your products such as product specifications. You create a file field and upload a specific PDF for each product.  

You want a flexible custom theme. You create an image upload field, a title field using text and an HTML field. You combine these fields together in your theme to make a Call to Action component that your admins fill out.

You want to store some data about customers such as a customer ID number. You create a field in the app to store this ID number. You set the field to not print, and instead only use the data internally for your administrators.

What the app doesn't do

It does not create forms that customers can fill out. It does not create personalized products, such as adding text for engraving on an item.

Examples of things you cannot do with Custom Fields

You have a membership product. When the product is purchased, you want your customer to fill out some extra information in order to process the membership. It cannot do this.

You want to add a form to your pages to use as a contact form. It cannot do this.

Additional Resources

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Arigato Automation Can Help With Line Item Properties

Once you set up Line Item Properties, you can then use our automation app to do meaningful things with the data you collect. Send emails, tag orders, etc. Search our library for Line Item Properties in the app, or check out our public library site.

Customer Account Fields Can Help With Customer Profiles & Registration

If you want customers to tell you more data about themselves during checkout and create a customer profile that they can edit, check out our Customer Account Fields app.