Scope of Support

We love helping customers succeed! We also have limits on the support we can provide. The key to a great relationship is clear expectations of our support scope.

Application Interface Support

We will provide guidance and support for any questions or issues you may encounter while using the administrative interfaces of the application, including general questions about setting up fields and importing and exporting data.

Conceptual Guidance

We will provide high-level support for questions about the feasibility of an idea or use case. If your question begins with "I'm wondering if I can use your app to..." we'll always provide guidance. We do not provide deep technical planning but we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.


We will help you troubleshoot your imports and explain how you can correct issues you may encounter. We will not do not run imports on your behalf unless we believe the issue you're encountering is due to a bug in the application itself.    

Troubleshooting Isolated Issues

We always investigate any reports of issues within the application itself and work to quickly resolve the problem. In order to facilitate our investigation, we may request limited access to your store in order to observe the problem you've reported. 

Installation & Customization

You are responsible for installation and customization, following our tutorials and guides.

Generally, we do not make changes to customer's themes. In certain cases, we may request access to your store to better understand the problem you're reporting and to provide you with a path to resolve the problem.

We may, at our discretion, decide to use your request as an opportunity to provide better documentation for all customers. In such cases, we may go above and beyond our Scope of Support to help you overcome a unique challenge we haven't documented yet.

Changes to the Look & Feel of Your Theme

Custom Fields is designed as a flexible tool that can be styled any way you wish. The app itself only provides HTML and Liquid snippets to support your fields. It does not add any CSS or javascript. You are responsible for your own theme customizations and it is possible to break the output by creating HTML fields in the app and inputting broken HTML or javascript.

"Can I Hire You?"

Please contact our trusted partners for customization requests.

Need a developer?

Reach out to our partner Twel.

PRC Apps

PRC can build anything, large or small. Bring them your challenges. 

Email Jesse Mitchel and let them know John from Custom Fields sent you.

StoreOcean & StoreTasker

For small tasks, theme tweaks, basic setup, etc, call on these partners. They are fast and affordable.



"I Have An Idea"

We'd love to hear about it! Your ideas and feedback guide the development of our apps. Your voice counts!