Creating a Simple Shipping Policy


In this advanced tutorial, we will guide you through how to create a product field to display as a per-product shipping policy for your customers. This can be useful if you have different shipping times for different types of products.

Tip: See first, Basic Installation.

Getting Started

In Custom Fields, go to Products and create a new Product Custom Field. Select Text (List) under the Basic drop down and name your field what you like. Now that you have named your field the options form should have appeared.


In the options form, list all of the Policies you plan to use on your products. After you complete that click Create new Text (list) Field.


Tip: Alternatively you could also do this with a Number list, it would just require a little extra coding. Do not Hide this from display and make sure the Widget Type is set to show as select dropdown

Now, click on Search in the sidebar and look for any product you want to add your field to.


On the Edit Product screen, select the drop-down option that matches your shipping policy on the product. If it works correctly you will see a green confirmation message at the top of the next screen you land on!


That's It!

Now your field will show up correctly when you enter your Shopify store depending on which option you chose on the admin side.


Additional Information & Resources

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