Field Collections


The Field Collection field type acts as a container for multiple fields. It is ideal for creating slideshows or repeating groups of fields with multiple instances.

Custom Fields is the only metafield app in the Shopify App Store with this functionality.

Tip: See also, Basic Field Settings.

Field Creation Form


Tip: "Max Number of Items" limits the number of items you can have in your collection. For example, you might want to limit your slideshow to 5 slides. "Instance Title" is shown to your administrators. For example, a slideshow will have an instance title of "Slide". 


From here, you can now create the fields you need inside your Field Collection. Since we are making a slideshow in this example, we will make an image field and a text field. In this example, we named them  Slide Image and Slide Title.




Content Entry Form

On the content entry screen, your administrators can create slides, each one with a title and image, as many as they'd like. 



Default Liquid Code

The Edit Code section automatically generates starter code for you, based on the fields you created. This provides you with an excellent starting point for your customizations! 


For more information about code customization and the code editor itself, visit our Guide to the Snippet Editor.

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