Image Field


The image field is a quick and easy way to display any type of image file on your storefront. Image fields are commonly used for a variety of theme customization.

Tip: See also, Basic Field Settings.

Default Display


Field Creation Form 

The Image type field comes with two permutations. Display as Image or Display as URL to the Image. It acts as you would think, Image just puts the uploaded image into a field and prints it on the store. However, URL to the Image creates a new URL and prints it by default in the store, See Screenshot above. URL to image is extremely useful for theme customizations.


Amazon S3 Settings

When you link your Amazon S3 bucket to your Custom Fields store, you will see the ability to Save images to your Amazon S3 bucket when creating a new Custom File or Image field. This essentially does the same thing, except now you won't have a file size limit and you don't have to use Custom Field's CDN.


Content Entry Form

Selecting both Image or URL to an Image bring the user to the same Content Entry form. The user can upload or delete any Images they choose and still click on the image to enter the image editor.


Once the user Uploads an image, they are presented with a preview of the image. Clicking on the image initializes our image editor.


Default Liquid Code

The Edit Code section allows a user to edit how a field prints or functions. The default code for this type of field is found below. 


Additional Resources & Documentation

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