Field Settings Overview


In Custom Fields, there are many different field types that you will be able to create and customize, but all of them share some very core features and settings.

Label and Machine Name


When creating a new Custom Field, the first thing you are greeted with is the prompt for a Label name or Field Name. The Label is a "human readable" name that will be shown in Custom Fields and can also be shown on the store to customers as well.

The Machine Name is what we use in code when referring to the field. It's based on your label name automatically, but you can change it if you'd like.

Field Type

After naming your new field, now you can select the type of field. There are all sorts of ways you can display Custom Fields on your Shopify store and this is the basic way to choose how. You can choose from a Field Grouping for forms, General Information, Text Fields, Code Fields, Upload Fields, Number Fields, and Reference Fields. For more information on what these fields do individually, visit the Types of Fields & How to Manage them section in our documentation.

Exclude from Display

All fields get the option via a check-box that states, Exclude from display. When checked, all this does is make sure that this field does not get displayed by default. You can still print this field within another field, or Liquid Template field. It just removes the include statement for the code until that field is unchecked again.



All fields also get the option to set a Field description. This is only seen by admins and is handy for giving your fields a little extra context.


Field-Type Specific Settings and Their Use

Field Group:

Optional description to display

    -Displays a description for the field grouping (admin only)

Show field group as open/closed by default

    -Allows users to place fields in the field group


Include Time

    -Includes time (to the second) in the field settings

Link: Require Title

    -Requires a title be used for the link rather than a long URL

Text (list): 


    -Separated by paragraphs, the options in the list

Widget Type

    -How the list should be handled in widget form (admin only)


Max Length - 255(default)

    -Dictates the maximum amount of characters allowed in this field


Allowed Field Types

    -Dictates the types of allowed files when uploading. Separated by comma's


Min Value/Max Value

    -Dictates the Minimum and Maximum value for the number field to be

Number (list): 


    -Separated by paragraphs, the numbers in the list

Integer (whole number):

Min Value/Max Value

    -Dictates the Minimum and Maximum value for the number field to be

All Reference Fields: 

Allow Multiple Selections

    -Allows for the selection of multiple referenced items

Edit Field Settings

After the creation of any given field, you are greeted with an Edit Field Settings page. You can also access this page by clicking on +Configure Fields and then Edit on any field you wish to edit.

On this page, you can change the Label name of the selected field, Edit the liquid code, and even Exclude the field from display (in Additional Settings).