Upload Field Types


Upload fields can be used to display an image or a link to a file. Some uses for this field are PDFs with extra information about a product or even just displaying an image. 


This article will show you how to set up two Custom Fields with both an Image and a File upload type and also how to manage them.

Getting Started

In the Custom Fields app, create two new product Custom Fields. One with a File Upload type and another with an Image Upload type.


Tip: When creating new Upload fields you can specify which file extensions to allow only. This is useful for if you want to limit the file types the field will let the administrator upload.


Managing Field Data

Clicking on Search on the Products drop-down then find the product you want to add data to and click Edit Custom Fields.


On this screen, you can upload your file or image to the fields and click Save at the bottom.


That's It!

Now you will see your fields appear on the page that you applied them on. This is just one example of what these fields could be used for. Other examples include price sheets, printable forms, extra images, etc. For more information on this type of field, read the article on Creating Linked Images.

Example Output