Working With Collections

Adding fields to Collections is useful if you would like to add a custom header or footer to your collection pages with an image or image and text. 

You do not need to add fields to Collections if you wish to show fields that relate to your products. For example, if you have a field on your products called "Recyclable" and you wish to display that field's value on a collection. In that case, you need to modify your collection template to pull the field value from each product and print it in the collection template.

Tip: See also Basic Installation

The page /collections/all Vs. Custom Collections

Shopify differentiates the page at /collections/all from all other collections. For this reason, Custom Fields needs to treat them differently as well. Shopify does not allow us to add fields to the special collection located on your site at In order to add fields to that page, you'll need to use a clever workaround. No workaround is needed when adding fields to any other collection.

The Workaround for /collections/all

It's easiest to simply add one of the snippets below to your collections template which will handle printing of fields for both types of collections.

1.) Create a new collection in Shopify. You'll use this collection to attach your fields to, then reference that collection on /collections/all so it looks like the fields are attached to that special collection.

2.) Add some fields to Collections in the app.

3.) Edit your template called collections.liquid using these snippets as a starting point.

Additional Info

Shopify: Collections Documentation