Setting Default Metafield Values using Arigato Automation

The Custom Fields metafields app can work in harmony with our automation app, Arigato Automation to set default values for your metafields automatically.

Utilizing Arigato Automation, you may not even need to bother with importing and exporting any more.

For example, you may wish to set several metafield values and some tags when products are from a certain vendor. Normally this would be multiple processes and juggling of imports and exports. Instead, you can simply create a few workflows in Arigato Automation to set those default metafields and some tags.


The metafields that you set can be attached to any resource including products, customers, even orders or shop metafields. The default metafields don't even have to be managed by Custom Fields. 

To extend the idea of default metafields in Shopify even further, you could even trigger other automations when certain metafields are set.

Check out our Library site for Arigato Automation to grab an example workflow that you can use to start automating your default metafield values.